We finally picked a name!

Hello all! SO… the waiting game is ALMOST over!

So exciting!

And, while I’m still sitting in my old bedroom, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Our house in Utah finally closed this week! SQUEE! We received funding from it and paid off some debts, gathered our down payment, and sent some money to a certain breeder in Provo.

His name is Riley Allred. He is the co-owner of Red Fern Companions, a breeder of beautiful English Cream Golden Retrievers set in the beautiful mountains of Utah near Provo. He is excellent and we were so blessed to find him and even more blessed to learn he had seven week old puppies, three females even, that he was willing to sell breeding rights for, and were ready to come home the next week.

And his prices are amazing!

SO… like I said last time, we put a deposit down, facetimed Riley, picked our sweet girl, and waited to hear which flight she would be on.

But she couldn’t fly.

Airlines put a restriction on the temperature it’s allowed to be when one ships an animal in the cargo hold. It can’t be higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit when the animal takes off or lands.

This is San Antonio.


In summer.

It’s 85 degrees in the middle of the night.

So, we had to scratch that and try to figure out another way to get her here.

We had two options, three if you count begging your friends to fly/drive a dog across country. The first option is to hire a driver to bring her to us. Um, laugh out loud. Ain’t happening. They charge per mile.

We’re 1400 miles from Salt Lake City.

The next option is to fly up and get her. It’s the cheapest option, cheaper than flying her, and we get to be with her! Way!

So, that’s what we chose. I got online and searched for flights, found a couple cheap ones, and was planning out my trip.

Then Josh found out he was flying out for work and would have a layover in Salt Lake City. So we talked to Riley and found out he could have someone deliver her to the airport, he’d be out of town, and we could have Josh fly her as a carry on! Yay!

Except the only layovers Josh had would be 51 minutes long. Not enough time to get off the plane, head to the main gate, grab a puppy, put her through security, go back through security yourself, and get to the plane in time. Crazy.

So, Josh cancelled his second leg home past Salt Lake and bought another flight home Saturday, which is today, June 24th.

He picks her up at 8:30 Mountain Time, which is in about 40 minutes! I’m dying!

I set up the kennel last night and have been puppy shopping all week. We got chew bones, toys, puppy food (the stuff they feed her is crazy expensive, so we bought a tiny bag and will start to mix with another, cheaper, yet still meat first brand), training treats, a training treat bag, a new kennel, a puppy playpen, puppy pee pads… sigh! It’s crazy.

I’m stoked!

So, here’s the dilemma we had: Josh and I couldn’t decide on a name we liked.

Originally, the plan was to name her something awesome and nerdy. But then, because we are called Hill Country Retrievers, I thought it’d be cool to name her after some kind of native Texan plant or flower. Cute, right?

Then the list started:
Pink Evening Primrose, Prim for short
Desert Willow, or Willow
Indigo Salvia, Indy

But we couldn’t pick. I liked Prim because it’s pretty, Texan, AND nerdy, but Josh doesn’t. He liked Rosie. I didn’t.

Long story short, we went back and forth on a lot of different names, Texan plants, nerd names, but we couldn’t pick anything.

Finally, I was trying to sleep the other night and had a revelation: River.

The greatest nerd name of all time, Firefly AND Doctor Who. So I decided to look up Texan rivers and see if there were any pretty names there.


Texan river names are not cute, so I opted with just River.

Then I went back to the plant route and found a native tree that I hadn’t seen before: the Lacey Oak.

So I sent Josh both names (remember he’s out of town): Lacey and River.

He loved them both.

But he liked Lacey more.

So, today, I will meet Hill Country’s Lacey Oak! YAY!

Pictures to follow!!!

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