The Move…

It’s been insane. Absolutely insane.
BUT… it’s finally over! We moved into our new home on July 7th… and finally owned it August 3rd.
Long story short, owner didn’t live in the States, let us move in, paperwork was forgotten, so we’ve lived here for a month without consequence.
But, now it’s final and official and done! And we’re stoked.
Lacey continues to grow. Every day, I swear, she’s another two inches taller than the day before. Josh and I went on a mini vacay to his brother’s wedding in Vegas. We were gone for three days. She grew about four inches.
No lie.
She can now stand with her feet on top of her playpen and looks up over it with it hitting her at chest level. Soon enough it won’t be enough.
But that’s ok. She’s been doing well in training. She can sit and lay down on command and she is learning “go lay down” to go into her kennel or playpen. She’s, of course, a rambunctious puppy still, but she’s very well behaved; a trait I hope to pass on to her pups.
Other than that, all is well on the Far Western San Antonio front!
Pictures to come!

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