About Us!

My name is Heather Wickern. I was born and raised and have lived most of my life in San Antonio. I met my husband, Josh, when I was fourteen at a church dance. We didn’t date as youth but met back up again after he returned home from a church mission to Seattle, Washington in 2003. We were married in the Houston Texas Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in January 2005.

In 2006, Josh and I decided to move to Rexburg, Idaho for him to finish his schooling. The day we moved in, I found out I was pregnant with our first child, a boy we named Scott. Before school was over, we welcomed our first daughter, Kaitlyn, in 2008.

After graduation and a move to Utah, we welcomed two more daughters and one more son in the years to come, Audrie, Piper, and Samuel, 2010, 2012, and 2015.

Josh is a superhero. He has always worked so hard to provide for our family and did it all while getting a Bachelors and Masters Degrees. I am eternally proud to be his wife and have him with me forever.

It has always been a dream of mine to work with animals. My grandparents were the proud owners and operators of Brighter Days Horse Refuge here in San Antonio and I grew up visiting the refuge and helping my Nanny with the horses, goats, pigs, ponies, and dogs.

When the opportunity came for Josh to travel the world for work and be home when not on a job, we moved back home from Utah to Texas to begin my dreams of homesteading near family. Josh travels a lot for work and having family near was important to me.

The decision to move brought with it many rewards. The Lord is good, much better to us than we deserve. We have been able to secure a beautiful home on a two acre lot of land with exactly what we’ve been dreaming of. Along with that wish fulfilled, we are making our aspirations of breeding goldens come to fruition as well.

After weeks of searching and coming up empty handed, I found Red Fern Companions and we chose our sweet girl, Lacey Oak, who came home the end of June 2017! We love her so much!

Lacey will be our first breeding girl and she is perfect for the job. She is beautiful, smart, gentle, sweet, and loves to play and learn. She plays with children and other dogs, big and small, so well.

Along with our children, we also are home to a sweet Labrador/Collie mix named Alice (Ali) who is six years old. She is our family’s first dog and we love her. We also a tuxedo cat named Jasper (Jazz) who is the same age as Ali. We hope to add a coop full of chickens to our little homestead in the next year or so!

So, welcome! Look around! Give us some feedback and come back for news of our little operation!