Our Dogs

Lacey Oak of Red Fern born April 25th, 2017


Can you believe Lacey is almost a year old?! We can’t believe it!

Here she is a little over a month ago playing with the kids outside in our yard.

Lacey turns one on April 25th, 2018. I’ll be learning to make a peanut butter treat for her. She LOVES peanut butter! Lacey also loves toys.

And she loves to chew!

This! Girl!

So much trouble recently. Lacey has eaten Barbie dolls (shame on my girls for leaving them outside), sandals, stuffed animals, and even a hula hoop! If she doesn’t have a rawhide to nibble on, Lacey will find anything outside to eat! Luckily, Costco sells giant rawhides that she and Alice just can’t get enough of.

Lacey got her last puppy shot in January and I spoke to our vet about what kind of regulation visits she would be needing in the next year leading up to her being bred. He let us know that all she needs are her regular shots and heartworm and flea medication.

Once she turns two, we will get her hips and eyes tested. If she gets tested the day before her birthday, it won’t count on AKC registration!

I’ll be getting in contact with her breeder, Riley, soon to discuss possibly arranging one of his studs to come pay Lacey a visit next year sometime. Riley was excited to work with us to continue the spread of this beautiful breed.

We think Lacey is a prime example of how wonderful these dogs are and we can’t wait to welcome her sweet babies into the world next year!